Cummins is the world’s first independent manufacturer of diesel engines, what does this mean? Cummins builds more engines than any other manufacturer in the world, excluding machinery manufacturers.

We can find Cummins engines in any application, collaborating with major machinery manufacturers worldwide to motorize many of their models.

Cummins manufactures efficient engines, in continuous technological renewal to achieve the lowest consumption and the lowest level of emissions.

Cummins ‘ commitment to the environment is total. For this reason it works daily to implement the necessary technology, not only to comply with the legislation in force in each country, but to get more and more respectful engines with our environment and the health of the planet.

Cummins engines are highly reliable. They are designed and manufactured in the various production plants that Cummins has distributed all over the world.Its components pass the strictest quality controls in each plant.

Each engine passes some tests before leaving the factory to check that it is working properly, being ready to provide the energy you need.

Cummins manufactures engines from 50 TO 5,000 HP, so it has managed to have a great presence in various applications around the world. Automotive engines, quarries, construction machinery, power generation equipment such as gensets, fishing boats or recreational boats.